Smart Locker on Campus

Smart locker on campus

Teachers and students at the Royal Canadian College in Canada never expected BlueBox Smart Locker Solution to impact the parcel reception and workflow.

Our BlueBox installation team took some time to interview some students and teachers at the Royal Canadian College to see how much of an impact BlueBox has made in their daily lives. Here is what we found.

Teachers Love BlueBox Smart Locker

“Our school becomes smart by using a Smart Locker”, Mrs. Emily said.

“I use the announcement section on the BlueBox screen to make important announcements and show the schedule for students.”

In addition, she said, because of work. It is difficult for her to receive her packages after purchasing them online. After Royal Canadian College implemented BlueBox Smart Lockers, Mrs. Emily started to send her packages to the school, where BlueBox keeps her parcels safe from theft. Mrs. Emily can retrieve her package anytime as BlueBox operates 24/7, freeing up Mrs. Emily’s time and giving her peace of mind for her packages. “My working time never messes up my parcel pick-up anymore,” Mrs. Emily said.

Another teacher, Mr.Lo, said, “BlueBox is very convenient and helpful. It is easy to use and keeps my packages safe.” Mr. Lo also deposits some literature books and documents into BlueBox, using it as storage for his textbooks and papers. BlueBox not only keeps his packages safe but makes his life easier by storing heavy books, so he no longer needs to carry them back and forth.

Making Student Life Easier

One student commented that BlueBox takes off the stress of potential theft for an expensive package and how BlueBox has all size compartments for all unique packages. We understand that student life can get busy, so BlueBox operates 24/7 to give students the flexibility to pick up their packages at their own time. Students also enjoy using our BlueBox resident app to keep track of their pending and completed parcels.

Another student commented that they love our BlueBox Smart Food Locker add-on as it keeps their food fresh and at the right temperature. As a student, it may not be easy to immediately pick up your food or your parcel, which is why BlueBox aims to give students and teachers the ability to pick up their packages on their own time.

Carriers who deliver to Royal Canadian College also love using BlueBox. One carrier said that BlueBox improves their efficiency because “I don’t need to wait for the elevator to go upstairs, and I don’t need to write any missed parcel slips. I deposit packages by typing customers’ phone numbers.”

“I have never imagined that BlueBox could make my life so much easier. “When I agreed to a partnership with BlueBox, I was not sure if our students or staff would enjoy it. Now, everyone loves using BlueBox. It has made such an impact on everyday life for everyone on campus. I love to see everyone like it.” said Mr. Kung, the Principal.

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