Stop “Porch Pirates” with Smart Lockers

BlueBox Smart Locker solution

Prevent Parcel Theft with BlueBox Smart Lockers

“Porch pirates” are thieves who target packages left on porches or lobbies of an apartment. Find out how BlueBox can stop these offenders in their tracks.

The recent pandemic has defaulted many shoppers to online shopping, increasing parcel volume to record highs. According to Global TV, one in four Canadians has gotten their parcels stolen. The term “porch pirates” is becoming very prominent due to couriers leaving packages at the door. “Porch pirates” represents thieves who target packages left on the porch or exposed areas. Stolen packages can cause low reviews for buildings, hindering their ability to sell units. Our Smart Parcel lockers can mitigate “porch pirates” by providing secure lockers for parcel deliveries and improve the overall concierge workflow.

BlueBox Smart Parcel Locker Render

BlueBox Keeps Your Package Safe

BlueBox aims to improve our community by benefitting lobbies with apartment parcel lockers, alleviating stress for the concierge staff and condo managers. Couriers such as FedEx, UPS, Canada Post, DHL, Purolator, and many more have different habits, and most of the concierge staff receive the parcel and leave it in the lobby. In result of installing BlueBox, the building will have features such as:

– Lockdown smart lock when the electricity is not available to the locker

– Anti-tampering alarm siren to combat vandalism and potential

– Security camera with an SD card provided to capture footage of potential offenders

– Sturdy lockers that only unlocks with code through BlueBox smart app or SMS

– Voice assistant to fend off thieves

– Sturdy lockers made from Industrial grade steel

– Customer service chat is available on the website to report the possible theft

The Future of Parcel Safety

Installing BlueBox lockers can heavily mitigate potential “porch pirates” and help get recipients their packages. Both businesses and multi-residential properties benefit from BlueBox smart lockers as the company can get their product to the user more effortlessly. In addition, residential properties can prevent late or damaged parcels and parcel theft from improving the delivery standard at the building. BlueBox is designed and manufactured in Vancouver, British Columbia, and has lockers in Burnaby, British Columbia.

Enjoy the security and convenience of BlueBox smart lockers today! Give us a call or request a demo on our website here.

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