BlueBox is more than a set of locker units

Bluemyth is a full-service partner. We offer full life-cycle support for our BlueBox smart locker solution. Our smart locker solution consists of the locker unit(s), management system for staff, mobile application for users and customer service support.

Your Virtual Personal Concierge 

Our parcel receiving management system

  • Allows property management to monitor parcel status for the building

  • Allows building manager(s) to be able to clear timeout parcels for later pick-up

  • Allows property management to send out building notices 

  • Complies with PIPEDA (The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) 

  • Highly secured and anti-hacking

We focus on creating a better community experience

  • We provide more than just smart lockers

  • Smart app available for both residents and the Strata Company

  • Life-circle support and maintenance

  • Information are highly protected and anti-hacking

  • Customized solution based on needs


Our Advantages

  • No more lost, misplaced or stolen packages in the building

  • Increases living comfort and safety for the residents

  • Life-circle support and maintenance

  • Minimal disruption to building staff workers

  • Customized solution based on needs

  • 24/7 accessible and contactless self service



The heart of BlueBox Smart Lockers contains a touchscreen, control unit and 17 compartments of various sizes. One master unit is required for every combination.

Our Story

Bluemyth is aimed to create and extend smart applications to enlighten the lives of people all over the world.

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