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BlueBox Smart Locker Solution

Security and Efficiency – The BlueBox Brand

Security and efficiency have become an apparent issue within communities for parcel delivery, as crime never stops and smart locker brands take a long time to install. Bluemyth Technologies has created BlueBox Smart Locker Solution to combat parcel theft and unsafe neighborhoods, installing lockers almost immediately after a reached agreement. Parcel security is imperative due to rising crime rates worldwide. The Bluemyth Installation Team works efficiently to get BlueBox lockers out as soon as possible, providing convenience and protection to those who want to use BlueBox.

Crime Rates in the Lower Mainland

A good indicator of the urgency of BlueBox Smart Lockers lies in the lower mainland’s crime rates, which are well above the national average. Let’s take a look at the crime rates measured in the Tri-Cities of British Columbia provided by Statistics Canada:

  • Vancouver: Property crime is 35% above the National Average, and total crime is 25% above the national average
  • Surrey: Property crime is 36% above the national average, and total crime is 26% above the national average
  • New Westminster: Property crime is 23% above the national average, and total crime is 13% above the national average
  • Burnaby: Property crime is 11% above the national average, and total crime is 3% above the national average
  • Richmond: Property crime is 42% above the national average, and total crime is 31% above the national average

As shown above, all major cities within the Lower Mainland have a crime rate over the national average, showing the urgent need for BlueBox Smart Lockers. BlueBox not only prevents parcel crime but overall crime rates as well by discouraging criminal behavior around buildings.

Optimized Security

BlueBox provides the best security for parcels, ultimately improving the community’s safety. Our BlueBox successfully prevented multiple break-ins to the locker at prominent locations such as the GEC residence and one of the YWCA branches. Both perpetrators were shown on camera trying to pry open the BlueBox but were unsuccessful. BlueBox is proven highly secure for your parcels, so BlueBox users can trust that their parcels will not be stolen.

Swift Installation

The BlueBox installation team is the fastest parcel locker installation team in Canada. Bluemyth Technologies pride itself on having Canada’s most efficient smart locker installation team. BlueBox can be installed in your building within ten business days of a reached agreement, allowing new BlueBox users to use BlueBox as soon as possible.

To showcase the efficiency of our installation team, our team successfully installed ten lockers in one day just last week, with all agreements accepted one or two weeks prior. Rest assured that our installation team will get BlueBox to you as soon as possible, so your parcels and community can be safe.

BlueBox is the most secure parcel locker for your packages, and along with efficient installation, BlueBox is the best smart locker solution in Canada.

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