BlueBox Smart Parcel Solution creates an easy workflow for building managers and a safe environment for parcels and residents.

Why Smart Lockers?

According to Statistics Canada, the size of couriers and local delivery services has increased by more than 6 billion dollars in Market size from 2018 until 2021

Based on this statistic, parcel management for residential buildings will eventually outpace human management capacity, making smart locker systems a necessity now.


Keep your package secured and never miss a delivery again with BlueBox smart lockers, in both newer and older buildings

Residential scenarios where BlueBox will benefit the resident

BlueBox is the best parcel solution because of its ability to adapt to its environment. For residential buildings, BlueBox provides both physical and technological modification options to improve all areas of residential buildings. We constantly update our lockers and apps to fit the needs of your building.


Technological Modifications

Physical Modifications

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