We want to make your online shopping experience safer and easier:

Safety first

minimize health-related risks with contact-free delivery


Keep your privacy, no name no email, only your phone number

Never miss

No more missed delivery, damages, or parcel theft

24/7 Availability

The freedom of picking up your parcel anytime, anyday, 24/7

Remote control

Grant access to a friend remotely

Real-time Control

A daily reminder for your uncollected parcels​. Receive instant notification upon the arrival of your parcel

never miss a delivery


Parcel security has become an urgent part of the last-mile delivery process, as retail E-commerce sales have increased 70.5% in 2020 alone. 57% of online packages are left unattended on the ground in building lobbies or outdoors, exposing these parcels to theft and damage. BlueBox Smart Parcel Solution provides safety for parcels and flexibility for residents to pick up their packages anytime. Residents with BlueBox in their building feel safe and free about their parcels.

Resident benefit from smart parcel locker

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Bluebox smart parcel solution for residents

Our Objective


Parcel Safety

No more stolen, damaged, or missed deliveries, as BlueBox stores your packages in a secure compartment until you are ready to pick up your parcel. BlueBox will notify you instantly upon the arrival of your parcels. BlueBox operates 24/7, providing you the flexibility of picking up your package at your own time.


BlueBox Resident App

Our BlueBox resident app helps you keep track of pending and completed parcels while allowing you to access the BlueBox compartment containing your package at a touch of a button. We aim to improve the experience of the residents using BlueBox with our resident app.


Data Privacy

The privacy of your data is crucial to us. BlueBox only requires your phone number to operate, and all data collected by us are stored securely in our database based in Vancouver, B.C. You can rest assured that all data given to us will be safely stored and protected.

Proven Results

BlueBox has proven to improve the security and parcel reception workflow of a building.

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