Designed to simplify the parcel reception experience.

Our BlueBox Resident app can track, organize and access all of your packages in BlueBox at the touch of a finger.

BlueBox App

Control and organize your parcels.

Access Your Package

Access your parcel in BlueBox with a touch of a button on our BlueBox resident app. BlueBox offers flexible solutions on how to retrieve your package securely!

Parcel Manager

Whether it’s completed pickups or parcels that are waiting to be picked up, our BlueBox resident app organizes and presents relevant data to you any time, anywhere.

Customer Support

Running into problems with your parcels, or just have questions regarding the BlueBox App? Contact us through the app or on our website. We are always here to help!

What Users Are Saying

“Under the COVID-19 pandemic, The BlueBox Res App has provided an option for me to receive my online orders while reducing interaction with people. Plus, it is available 24/7!

Daniel Johnson

“Gone are the days of coming home from a long day of work, just to find a "delivery attempt" or a pick-up notice at my doorstep. With the BlueBox App, I can collect my packages any time I want.”

Julia Michele

"The packages in our building used to get stolen a lot. Thanks to BlueBox and the Resident App, our building has been able to completely deter that type of behavior. "

Robert Green

"No more delays from “delivery attempt” or pick-up notice; I get to collect packages without wasting time or gas going to a post office."

Oliver Goodman

Available on Android and iOS

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