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The soaring demand for online shopping, the need for contactless parcel delivery solution, and the infamous “last-mile delivery” problem has dramatically changed the landscape of property development and management. A building that can provide safe and convenient parcel service plays a more critical role than ever before in a buy and renting deal. BlueBox adds not only value to development but security and efficiency as well. Real estate developers love BlueBox.

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Bluebox parcel locker solution

Our Objective


Optimize Workflow

BlueBox operates within a building by receiving all parcels, bypassing the need for concierge staff to tend to these packages right away. Developments will benefit from BlueBox’s security features right away.


Add Value

A development committed to using BlueBox will be higher in value simply due to our locker’s security and premium features. Parcel safety and optimized parcel reception bring immense value to a developing building.


Smart Building

BlueBox is an overall solution that includes smart apps for building managers and residents. Committing to BlueBox kickstarts your building in becoming a smart building, where value is added further.

BlueBox is a smart parcel management tool, and adds value to property management companies because of many reasons:


Operate without interruption, even during COVID-19, as well as other similar restrictions


No more lost, misplaced, or stolen packages.

Better Experience

Enhance service satisfaction and customer retention by providing more consistent experience

Support & Maintenance

A peace of mind via Bluebox’s life-cycle support and maintenance

Minimize Delivery

Minimal delivery disruption to building staffs

Smart Management

Smart management through digital delivery tracing. A good tool to integrate online and offline management service

Proven Results

BlueBox has proven to improve the security and parcel reception workflow of a building.

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