Property Managers Love BlueBox

Property Managers Love BlueBox

BlueBox Smart Parcel Solution gives property and building managers peace of mind when it comes to parcels.

BlueBox Smart Locker Solution

It is very likely that when you walk into an apartment lobby, you will see packages lying on the floor, waiting to be sorted or picked up by their rightful owner. The concierge will receive parcels and put them where they can, exposing packages to thieves and possible damages. The number of online deliveries has been rising steadily, and the need for smart parcel lockers with it. Property managers love smart parcel lockers because they combat issues that their buildings deal with daily, with parcel reception being one of the main issues.

Exposed parcels leave them vulnerable to damages and theft – a problem that smart parcel lockers can fix.

How Does BlueBox help Property Managers?

With BlueBox, property managers no longer need to worry about building managers and concierge parcel overload from carriers. BlueBox Smart Parcel Locker Solution covers issues such as:

  • Parcel Theft
  • Overloaded concierge staff
  • Crowded lobbies from parcels
  • Damaged parcels
  • Loss track of deliveries in building
  • Lack of lobby security
  • Unnecessary carrier entry into the building
  • Lost packages
  • An increasing number of missed parcel slips

Automated parcel services help alleviate the stress of strata managers, building managers, and concierge staff, increasing productivity within the building. BlueBox Smart Locker Solution does not require any face-to-face interactions and works fully automated. The only managing BlueBox required is when all compartments are at maximum capacity, prompting the building manager to remove overdue packages and placing them somewhere secure. Building residents and managers both benefit from using BlueBox.

BlueBox Features

Our innovative locker solution possesses features that help mitigate issues, such as those mentioned earlier in this article. BlueBox features include:

  • Automated parcel reception via a phone number or unit number, bypassing human interaction and prevents obstructing of concierge capacity.
  • Resident app to help residents keep track of completed and pending deliveries
  • BlueManager app assists the building manager in managing parcels in the building, opening compartments when needed, collect relevant data such as most frequent carriers, most frequent parcel sizes, and the number of packages by day, month, and year.
  • Secure steel compartments in different sizes for packages
  • Security measures such as security cameras and emergency lockdown of locker in case of a power outage to protect BlueBox from vandalism
  • Customizable lockers to match the needs of each unique building

BlueBox lockers are fully modular and customizable to fit every lobby, with add-ons being very easy to add even after installation. Therefore, adopting and setting up the BlueBox system is extremely easy, and our installation team will ensure the integration moves smoothly.

Implementation Process

Our BlueBox Installation team makes the setting up of BlueBox quick and effortless. Implementing BlueBox into your building will look like this:

  1. Our Installation team will scale your lobby to find the most optimal area for BlueBox placement. We will take care of all measurements and shipping complications.
  2. Once we reached an agreement and signed, we will set up a shipping date for your building.
  3. BlueBox Installation team will set up BlueBox on the set date and ensure the locker is up and functioning before leaving the premises.
  4. Our Installation team will set up another date for on-site training. Residents, building managers, and carriers will learn to use BlueBox as our installation team will be on-site for 4 hours, guiding everyone through the process. We will also teach residents how to use or BlueBox resident app and teach building managers how to use the BlueManager app.
  5. We will provide continued customer support and maintenance.

Find out more about how BlueBox can help optimize parcel reception in your building today. Whether you are from or outside of Vancouver, contact us to find out about BlueBox!

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