BlueBox Parcel Locker

Master Unit

20-Door Add-On

8-Door Add-On

6-Door Add-On

BlueBox Parcel Locker Lite

Our BlueBox Lite series is compatible with all other BlueBox lockers.

BlueBox Smart Locker Lite Main Unit

Master Unit Lite

BlueBox Smart Locker Lite 10-door add-on

10-Door Lite Add-On

BlueBox 4 door add-on lite

4-Door Lite Add-On

BlueBox lite 3-door add-on

3-Door Lite Add-On

BlueBox Food Lockers

Hot Food Locker

BlueBox Cold locker

Cold Food Locker

Configure to Your Needs

BlueBox can be tailored to your unique needs. Contact us to configure your personal BlueBox.

BlueBox Product Book

Download additional information for our all-in-one smart parcel locker solution.

BlueBox Specbook

Download details on our BlueBox specs to visualize BlueBox in your lobby.

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