Partnership Announcement: Bluemyth Technologies and Tribe Property Technologies

partnership with tribe and bluemyth


Partnership: Tribe and Bluemyth


We are ecstatic to announce that Bluemyth Technologies Inc. and Tribe Properties Inc. are partnering to bring the benefits of BlueBox to Tribe communities across Canada.

BlueBox is a smart locker parcel solution that aims to improve the parcel reception workflow within facilities. BlueBox separates from other Smart Lockers by providing an overall solution to facilities instead of just a smart locker. From BlueBox installation to on-site training, we take care of everything. The partnership with Tribe and Bluemyth will help propel Canada into smart technology.

“We look forward to bringing our flexible, contactless, and secure locker solutions to Tribe communities to support the lifestyle and sustainable needs of residential communities while freeing up property managers from managing hundreds of parcel deliveries. BlueBox, our smart parcel locker solution, will also positively impact the environmental aspect of Tribe Communities,” said Sheena, COO of Bluemyth Technologies. “Smart parcel solutions are the future of parcel delivery and environmental initiatives, which will drive our world toward a greener future.”

“With larger condo buildings seeing hundreds of package deliveries per day, a streamlined smart tracking system with storage capabilities is music to any property managers’ ears,” added Joseph Nakhla, CEO of Tribe Management. “Our partnership with Bluemyth is indicative of how we are using technology to improve our managers’ and residents’ lives by delivering value-driven solutions to the building and community.” 

We see this as an incredible opportunity to transform the community-living experience for those already living in multi-family residential communities in Canada,” said Joseph Nakhla, Tribe CEO. “Where upfront installation costs can be a common barrier for an existing strata or condo building, Bluemyth’s subscription-based model, inclusive of installation and maintenance fees, provides financial flexibility, while adding value to building.”


About Bluemyth Technologies


​​Bluemyth is an innovative smart hardware and mobile internet application company centered around the IoT platform. Established and based in Canada, Bluemyth’s mission is to achieve a higher quality of life for Bluemyth users. Bluemyth Technologies Inc. aims to create and extend innovative applications to enlighten people’s lives in North America. Bluemyth currently has a small team of 14 employees working hard to keep your package safely secured.


 Our smart parcel locker solution called BlueBox optimizes parcel reception workflow while providing security for packages. BlueBox provides convenience for building management and residents by automating parcel delivery at an affordable rate. The concierge staff no longer needs to receive packages. Residents also no longer need to miss their delivery or have their parcels stolen. The BlueBox Smart Parcel Locker Solution removes barriers for buildings to resolve last-mile delivery inefficiencies. BlueBox is revolutionizing intelligent and green technology, one building at a time. Visit for more information.


About Tribe Property Technologies:


Tribe is a property technology company digitizing the traditional property management industry. As a rapidly growing tech-forward property management company, Tribe’s integrated service-technology delivery model serves the needs of a much wider variety of stakeholders than traditional service providers.

Tribe’s three revenue pillars are made up of software and service (recurring licensing and management fees), transactional (rent or condo fees, banking services, lease-ups), and digital services and partnership (smart building products, financial and insurance service) revenue.  

Tribe seeks to acquire highly accretive targets in the fragmented North American property management industry and transform these businesses through streamlining and digitizing operations. Tribe’s platform decreases customer acquisition costs, increases retention, and adds value-added products and services through the platform. Visit for more information. Please read about our partnership on their website here.

This partnership with Tribe and Bluemyth will help propel Canada into smart locker technology.


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