Open API

All our APIs are open and compatible for integration with major systems. BlueBox is the most customizable locker solution as all aspects of BlueBox can be customized.

BlueBox Open API

Flexibility is our Priority. Customization is our Strength.

Our BlueBox management system is an Application Program Interface (API) that gives building managers the authority to keep track of incoming parcels, parcels already in the locker, and resident information. Our BlueManagement System also tracks user data such as the most frequent carrier, parcel size, and parcel volume. Building managers can work with strata managers in utilizing this data and improving workflows within the building.
BlueBox Customizability

Customizable Features


16 operating languages for the building managers to choose from

Compartment Makeup

Customizable makeup of compartment sizes based on the frequent parcel size in your lobby

Notification on Display

Customizable message box on BlueBox screen for building and strata managers to use

Customizable Internet Configuration

No Wi-Fi in lobby? BlueBox can operate through local area network (LAN) and sim card

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All Inclusive Solution

BlueBox is not only a smart parcel locker but an overall solution that tackles the inefficient parcel reception flow.

BlueBox Management Web

Online API for building and strata managers to manage pending and completed parcels, data analysis, and much more.

BlueBox Management App

App version of our BlueBox Management System.

BlueBox Resident App

App for residents to open locker compartment, keep track of parcels, and much more.

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