How An Ineffective Concierge Workflow Can Hurt Your Building

Messy Concierge Workflow

An ineffective concierge workflow can cause lots of mayhem and error in a multi-residential building. Find out how a smart locker solution like BlueBox can optimize your building.

Messy Concierge Workflow

We love our 24-hour concierge. They keep our lobby safe, enforce strata rules and ultimately collect our parcels when the carrier drops them off. However, the concierge can get overwhelmed with the number of packages delivered, especially during the pandemic. Therefore, we need to alleviate stress for concierge and make their job easier. An inefficient workflow for the concierge can hurt a building in many ways.

Messy Parcel Room

A poor concierge workflow can fill up a parcel room extremely fast. Forgotten parcels, non-contacted recipients, and wrongly delivered parcels are all reasons why concierge staff pulls their hair out. Luckily with BlueBox and the BlueBox smart app, everything can be organized and sorted out to ensure the parcel gets to its recipient. The BlueBox smart parcel locker will only open if the carrier provides a valid phone number, which will prompt an SMS code sent to that phone number. BlueBox can mitigate security issues, cluttering of a parcel room, non-contacted recipients, and packages with address errors.

Stay Organized with BlueBox

BlueBox does not entail only a smart parcel locker but an overall solution to optimize concierge workflow. BlueBox provides a smart app for recipients and also an online management system for building managers to assist tenants and packages. The BlueBox management system gives building managers access to daily summaries, active and archived parcels for each BlueBox locker, and resident information. With this information, the building manager can organize information much more accessible and ensure no missing packages.

Learn About Your Building

The BlueBox management system tracks statistics like the average delivered parcel size, most frequent couriers, and average parcels received per day. These statistics help the building decide which locker sizes are most optimal for the building as well as the habit of each courier. Sometimes, specific couriers make similar errors. With this data, these same errors can be rectified and prevented in the future. In addition, the longer BlueBox lockers are active within your building, the more information you will have of your tenants. This information ultimately leads to more optimal ways to improve concierge workflow for them.

Improve Your Building Today!

Speak to a BlueBox specialist today and see how BlueBox can benefit your building managers, concierge staff, and tenants today!

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