Improve Your Summer with BlueBox

BlueBox in Summer

Improve Your Summer with BlueBox

British Columbia is beautiful – we cannot deny that. Many would agree that British Columbia, during the summertime, is genuinely one of the most beautiful and pleasant places in the world. Last year, British Columbia recorded the second hottest period since 1958, reaching daily averages of 18.2 degrees Celcius. The average daily temperature was 17.2 degrees Celcius, indicating an abnormal temperature rise. What role does BlueBox play in this temperature rise in B.C.? Improve your summer with BlueBox!

Food and Produce

With the temperature rising so steadily, food and produce delivery become increasingly vulnerable to spoilage. For example, fresh, uncooked eggs and milk can only be out at room temperature for two hours maximum. It may not be easy for those who shop for groceries and products online to pick up your fresh produce within that two-hour timeframe. 

Enter BlueBox temperature-controlled units. With hot or cold units, BlueBox users can enjoy fresh take-out and easily maintain the freshness of groceries. Our cold lockers have:

  • Two modes: Refrigeration mode and Freezer mode (only one mode can be active at a time)
  • Refrigeration mode temperature ranges from 0 degrees Celcius to 4 degrees Celcius
  • Freezer mode temperature ranges from -18 degrees Celcius to 0 degrees Celcius
  • Compatible with all BlueBox add-on units, as well as the ability to operate on its own

We understand the importance of keeping food fresh. Therefore, it is imperative to have BlueBox temperature-controlled units in your building for the summertime.

Environmental Impacts

BlueBox not only keeps your food fresh but helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to the cooling of our planet. It is no surprise that pollution is one of Canada’s main concerns, as Canada is environmentally ranked 9th out of 33 countries worldwide. BlueBox helps Canada maintain this ranking by:

  • Enabling night-time delivery, decreasing delivery transit and congestion
  • Reduce up to 16 tonnes of emissions annually and 52kg of emissions per day 
  • Reduce up to 66% of emissions
  • Eliminate the need for missed parcel slips, saving excess use of paper

Summer is a beautiful time in British Columbia, as it should be. BlueBox can help with multiple aspects of the problems hotter temperatures bring.

Contact us to find out more about how BlueBox can enhance your life!

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