Impact of BlueBox Smart Parcel Solution

BlueBox Smart Parcel Locker

Impact of BlueBox Smart Parcel Locker Solution

BlueBox Smart Lockers has been making their way into buildings all around the lower mainland of B.C. In the past three months, Bluemyth Technologies has made strides in partnerships and BlueBox deployments. The insights and data collected from our smart parcel locker showcase the positive impact of BlueBox Smart Parcel Locker Solution.

BlueBox Usage for Parcels

As of November 10th, 2021, we recorded a total of 10,426 parcels received by BlueBox. This statistic is a significant milestone for us as we aim to reach one million packages delivered to BlueBox before 2023. Our BlueManager Administration version also indicates that 1274 active users are using BlueBox. We aim to have over 4,000 active users before 2023, and we are well on our way to this goal.

Our current progress allows us to showcase how intuitive BlueBox is for residents. Residents love using BlueBox as it keeps their parcels safe meanwhile providing ease of access to the locker. Residents can access BlueBox any time of the day or night, thanks to BlueBox’s 24/7 accessibility.

BlueBox Comparisons

BlueBox Smart Locker Solution is different from other smart locker systems because of the technological advances BlueBox has reached. Our smart locker offers features such as:

  • Apprehensive contactless compartment unlocking at the touch of a button
  • Multi-brand compatibility with all carriers
  • Announcement system on the lock screen
  • Multiple color-wrap options
  • On-going customer support
  • Option to deposit and collect parcels using unit number
  • Food locker add-on option
  • Deposit lock screen to prevent residents from using BlueBox for storage

BlueBox Smart Locker Solution differs from your average smart locker system. Contact us today to see a demo of BlueBox.

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