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BlueBox Smart Locker Solution

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The biggest hurdle in smart locker implementation is the significant initial investment required in purchasing, shipping, handling, and service fees. BlueBox Smart Locker Solution aims to improve communities by offering top-notch innovative parcel services at an affordable price. Enjoy 24/7 access, security, and contactless delivery. Our API is open for integration and flexible for collaborations with other systems.


Contactless, automated delivery, and reception


Security measures that prevent tampering and compromised data


BlueBox supports many languages to help with accessbility

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Real-time Notices

Never miss your parcel with real-time updates on your package delivery

24/7 Pickup

Pick up your package anytime as BlueBox operates around the clock

Customer Support

Call, email, or message us on our website with any questions


Carrier selects a recipient from the locker screen by unit or phone number, unlocks the locker compartment, and place the package into an appropriately sized locker.


Once the package is delivered, the recipient is instantly notified with a package pickup code via text and mobile app​


The recipient approaches the parcel locker and enters their access code on the locker screen or opens the locker contactless with the BlueBox resident app.


With the BlueBox management system (app+web), the building manager can monitor and manage locker usage and keep track of parcel collection status.

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