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Frequently asked questions

General Matter

What are BlueBox smart lockers?

BlueBox is a solution by Bluemyth Technologies that responds to the increasing demand for safe and convenient package delivery with its secure on-site smart parcel collecting box system.

How does it work?

The recipient will be notified through the app and SMS text once their package is placed into BlueBox Smart Lockers. The package can be collected by either entering a unique pickup code or through the resident app.

What if the box is full?

If all boxes are full, new packages cannot be put into BlueBox. Parcels that cannot go into BlueBox will be distributed the regular way - stored in the mailroom or to be picked up at the post office by the recipient via a pick-up note.

What are the size limits for my parcels?

You can receive parcels up to 15kg with the BlueBox locker. Parcels which are larger or heavier cannot be received. More compartment sizes are coming!

What if my delivery is too large to fit in any BlueBox locker compartment?

Depending on your property’s policies, you may find your package outside of the locker area, in the mailroom, or the carrier may have taken it back to their facility leaving you a pick-up notice. It is your responsibility to track and expect the oversized/overweight parcel(s) to make sure it’s not lost.

Can I return something using the BlueBox locker?

Unfortunately, this feature is not available at the moment. We will update all BlueBox users once this feature is available!

Didn't find your answer on FAQ?

Contact us at with a clear description of your problem and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


What will happen when there is a power lost?

Once the locker detects no power, it automatically commences lockdown mode where only BlueBox employees can open the box. This way, BlueBox prevents the opportunity of theft.

What if there has been an incident of vandalism or theft?

BlueBox is not liable for theft or vandalism or delivery damages. Each BlueBox locker comes equipped with three video surveillance cameras. Please contact your property manager and law enforcement as required.

What happens to packages left in the lockers for too long?

Recipients of packages are given a notification and a period of time they have to pick up their packages from the BlueBox lockers. If they are unable to do so before the due date, they will be charged with an overdue fee. However, the amount of fee charged is up to the building management, not BlueBox.

Is the data safe and how it can be protected?

Your privacy is our top priority. The BlueBox Smart Lockers are compliant with PIPEDA laws. The data is safely stored on our server for effective analytics and the safe automation of your work processes. Our data center is located in Canada. We secure our network as follows: - The BlueBox server runs on the highly secure Amazon Web Services platform. - We use RSA encryption to secure data communication. - Immediately lockdown when there’s any suspicious activity or potential hack to the applications. BlueBox employees will recover it once it’s proven safe and secured.

What if my parcel has been damaged?

BlueBox lockers do not damage your parcels. If your package has been damaged it means that it has either been sustained during transit or may have occurred at the point of origin. Please contact the delivery carrier and/or the shipper.

Parcel Delivery and Collection

Can someone pick up a parcel for me?

To guarantee the security of deliveries, only the recipient can pick up their parcel using the resident app. However, you can share the pick up code with someone you trust. That person can pick up your package for you with the unique code provided through SMS or the BlueBox resident app.

What if I received a parcel that is not for me?

The delivery agent may accidentally deliver a parcel for another person occasionally. When a rare situation like this happens, please send a photo of the parcel’s shipping label to us so we can address the delivery provider about this and avoid similar problems in the future. In the meantime, you can return the parcel to the reception desk or manager and ask for their assistance to return the parcel to the correct recipient.

What if the courier delivers my parcel to someone else by mistake?

Even though it is very unlikely to happen, make sure to provide proof of delivery and tracking information to us. We will further investigate this.

The tracking record on the courier website says my parcel was delivered, but it is not in the BlueBox locker. How is this possible?

Was your parcel dropped off next to the BlueBox locker device, at the reception desk, in the mailroom, or did you receive a delivery notice? We understand that situations like this can be really annoying. But most of the time, the root of the problem lies with the courier service, not BlueBox.

Send the tracking ID you received to us. We will be happy to assist you solve the issue.

How long can my parcel stay in the BlueBox locker?

The amount of time you have to pick up your parcel(s) varies, and is determined by your property management. Fees for overdue packages stored in BlueBox is also determined by the property management.

What if I accidently closed the compartment door before collecting my parcel?

Our lockers have buffer spring settings which would prevent the door to shut itself automatically. People will have to push it back and hit the click to be able to lock it. So it’s unlikely that the users will have doors shut when collecting the parcels. However, if it did happen please contact our support line to inquire a code to open it up again.

What if I have to pay custom duties on my delivery?

Please note some courier companies ask you to pay the customs fee upon delivery. This is not possible with BlueBox at the moment, therefore, it is best to ask the relevant courier service in advance on how to pay for your customs fees if required.

What if I don't want a certain package delivered to the BlueBox locker in my building?

When placing a new order, please include special instructions for the carrier so they know to deliver to your door.

What should I do if my property has restricted access for delivery agents to the lobby or mailroom where the lockers are?

If access has been restricted by the property, delivery agents may take the package back to the sorting facility.


Is BlueBox Free?

Yes, your building manager/strata pays for the box. As the building resident, you can make use of it for free to receive parcels.

What if I miss the pick up period for my parcel?

Every building will have their own timeframe on how long a parcel can be in the locker for. If you do not pick up your parcel within that timeframe, you need to contact your building manager to see where they have stored your parcel.

I didn't receive a code through SMS, what do I do?

If you didn't receive a code after your package has been delivered, it could be because the carrier made a mistake entering your number, or the number on your package is incorrect. Contact us on our website: and click the "Let's Chat" button to speak to us in regards to your package.

My package is damaged, what should I do?

BlueBox is not responsible for any damaged products as it is only a locker for the parcel. Any damaged parcels will have to be resolved with the carrier or shipping company.

Building Managers

What if the parcel has been in the locker for an extended period of time?

Every building can decide how many days a parcel can be in the locker. We recommend that the package not be in the locker for more than a week as parcels can pile up exceptionally quickly.

What if the recipient does not pick up their package?

Unfortunately, BlueBox will not be responsible for overdue packages. The building will have to decide where the packages go after expiry, whether put into a storage room or left outside the locker.

I'm interested in BlueBox for my building, what do I do next?

Click the "Request a Demo" button on our website or contact us at to discuss with us! We are always excited for any potential partnerships.

I want different sizes for the BlueBox in my building, what choices do I have?

Aside from the master unit, all add-on BlueBox lockers are customizable to fit the needs of your building. Talk to us about different add-on locker options at

Is there a free trial period for BlueBox for my building?

BlueBox will be free of charge for the first three months of installation, and if our locker is not suitable for your building, we will gladly take it back. However, we will charge installation fees and shipping charges if you decide to return BlueBox. Otherwise, we do not charge installation and shipping fees. Extended trial periods can be discussed with us at

Does BlueBox need Internet?

BlueBox does require internet. If your building does not have internet access via WiFi or LAN cable, we provide a SIM card that gives BlueBox internet access at no additional charge. However, we recommend that the building connects BlueBox to a domestic internet connection to ensure connectivity stability.