Environmental Impacts of Smart Lockers

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Environmental Impacts of Smart Lockers

Lowering carbon emissions has been something we have struggled with as humans, and with the ever-so-fast innovation, environmental damage has continued to disrupt our planet. Learn about the environmental impacts of smart lockers.

Emissions in Canada

Statistics Canada reported that the second-largest source of GHG emissions came from the transport sector, accounting for 25% of total national emissions. Between 1990 and 2019, GHG emissions from the transport sector grew by 54% and increases from freight trucks and passenger light trucks (courier trucks).

Although total emissions from passenger transport grew by 38%, emissions from cars declined by 21%, while emissions from light trucks (including trucks and vans) doubled. This statistic indicates that parcel delivery has negatively impacted the environment and will continue to do so unless we take action towards it. What are the environmental impacts of smart lockers?

How Does BlueBox Help Lower Carbon Emissions?

BlueBox can help the environment in several ways. First, BlueBox propels global environmental plans in the direction it needs to. BlueBox does that by providing a 24/7 safe locker for couriers to deliver any time of the day or night. Based on a report from the Global Economic Forum, night-time deliveries can drop CO2 emissions by 4% and decrease traffic congestion by 28%. Night-time delivery is very beneficial to the environment because it prevents traffic congestion and increases delivery efficiency.

Get Your Delivery on the First Attempt

BlueBox can also improve the FADR (First Attempt Delivery Rate) and reduce the need for missed parcel slips. As a result, fewer trips will be needed to the local post office to pick up a missed package, and paper waste from missed parcel slips will decrease significantly.

BlueBox Smart Lockers are made of industrial-grade steel. Steel is 100% recyclable, easily recoverable from waste streams, and can be reused infinitely. CSPA (Canadian Steel Producers Association) claims that only truly recycled materials that are never downgraded but are reused with no properties can sustain a sustainable future.

Also, BlueBox can enable future environmentally positive technology of many types. Multi-brand parcel shops, delivery parking zones, night-time deliveries, secure delivery systems, and many more are examples of positive technology. Automated parcel delivery is the future, and BlueBox is a massive step towards it.

The Future of Parcel Delivery

Smart parcel lockers are the future of parcel delivery. It simplifies the delivery process and reduces the impact of environmentally harmful methods of last-mile delivery. Enabling delivery processes such as night-time delivery reduces traffic congestion, which ultimately reduces carbon emissions. BlueBox also prevents missed deliveries as parcels go into the locker, awaiting its pick-up anytime. Less missed deliveries lessen the amount of paper wasted for missed parcel slips, positively impacting the environment.

Got any questions? Request a demo today to see how BlueBox works!

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