Delivery Instructions for a Seamless BlueBox Experience

seamless delivery bluebox

Seamless BlueBox Experience

Smart lockers are still very new to Canada, so few people know how to use them without issues. BlueBox is no stranger to carriers, as many carriers have encountered one of our smart lockers in the lower mainland. Still, special instructions can help the carriers properly deliver your parcel to your BlueBox, creating a seamless BlueBox experience.

How to Add Special Instructions

Adding special instructions is not time-consuming, so we recommend adding them to retrieve your package correctly.

Every shopping platform will be different but should follow a similar procedure as Amazon shown here:

  1. Sign in to your Amazon account with your Amazon credentials
  2. Click on the “Hello(name of account) Account & Lists” to access the dropdown menu
  3. Click on the “Your Addresses, Edit your addresses for orders and gifts” link
  4. Click on the “Add delivery instructions” link
  5. In the Add Delivery Instructions form, fill out the necessary information, then click the “Add More Instructions” link
  6. Open the “Do we need additional instructions to find this address” box and fill it out with the following template: “Please use BlueBox Smart Locker in the lobby using cellphone number (or unit number) xxx-xxx-xxxx, or unit x
  7. That’s it! You should receive a code once your delivery has been placed in BlueBox

Seamless delivery experience bluebox Seamless delivery experience bluebox Seamless delivery experience bluebox Seamless delivery experience bluebox

Optimized Security

BlueBox provides the best security for parcels, ultimately improving the community’s safety. Our BlueBox successfully prevented multiple break-ins to the locker at prominent locations such as the GEC residence and one of the YWCA branches. Both perpetrators were shown on camera trying to pry open the BlueBox but were unsuccessful. BlueBox is proven highly secure for your parcels, so BlueBox users can trust that their parcels will not be stolen.

If you require assistance on how to add these special instructions, feel free to call us at 604-336-6699 or visit our website for our customer service team to walk you through it!

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