Contactless Delivery is the Future

Happy Carrier using BlueBox Contactless delivery

Find out how to future-proof your building lobby with BlueBox contactless delivery and reception.

Whether it’s food delivery or parcel delivery, the contactless option has become the go-to choice due to our recent pandemic. As a result, restaurants move most of their business to contactless delivery, totaling 30% or more of their sales (statistics Canada). In addition, 50.7% of food services and drinking places “said that they were likely or very likely to permanently adopt contactless delivery or pickup options in the future (statistics Canada).”

As restaurants head towards the contactless direction, most businesses that provide goods will likely follow. Minimizing contact not only prevents the spread of COVID-19 but also provides recipients with the flexibility to pick up their packages whenever.

How BlueBox can Provide Contactless Delivery

Parcel delivery has always somewhat been contactless, but the trade-off for contactless delivery currently is package safety. Couriers leaving packages at the concierge or doorstep of homes are often at risk for theft. The missed package deliveries require the recipient to interact with the nearest post office, diminishing the contactless aspect. BlueBox supports contactless delivery in multi-residential lobbies by:

– Providing safe lockers for couriers to place parcels in

– SMS or smart app notification to notify the recipient that their package is safely stored in our BlueBox locker

– Limits human interaction by providing safe lockers

– Prevent parcel notice cards that require the recipient to travel to the nearest post office

– Stops parcel pile-up to minimize concierge contact with the tenant

– 24/7 access to lockers giving flexibility to tenants

The future of package delivery is most definitely heading in the contactless direction. However, with most shopping done online, pandemic protocols and safety measures are often a concern. BlueBox ticks off all the boxes when it comes to no-contact delivery and safety measures.

How BlueBox Works

BlueBox smart parcel solution derives from three different components: BlueBox smart app, smart management system, and the smart locker itself. The BlueBox smart locker is made of industrial-grade steel, and its compartments can only unlock by either the courier or the recipient. In addition, anti-tampering technology such as tampering detection alarm and security camera prevents vandalism and potential theft of parcels. Once a package is in the BlueBox compartment via the phone number, the recipient will receive either an SMS or app notification with a one-time code to open up their specific box. As soon as the recipient collects the parcel, the details are archived into the smart management system and the smart app. Building managers and concierge staff can easily access this information through the smart management system and in-depth data to better know their building.

Future-proof your building lobby with BlueBox smart parcel solution; learn more here today!

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