Keep your community safe with BlueBox Smart Parcel Locker Solution. Parcel security protects parcels from theft, which creates an overall safer community for everyone.

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Why Smart Lockers?

Our BlueBox Smart Locker Solution improves your community by securing parcels in public settings. Securing the parcels of communities discourage widespread theft and criminal behavior, thus creating a safer environment for our families and neighbors. As online shopping rises, the need for parcel security becomes vital to creating safe, crime-free communities

School Campus

BlueBox ensures students receive their parcels safely by organizing the parcel reception process on your campus.

Community scenarios where BlueBox will benefit the public buildings

BlueBox is the best parcel solution because of its ability to adapt to its environment. For community facilities, BlueBox provides both physical and technological modification options to improve all areas of community buildings. We constantly update our lockers and house-made apps to fit the needs of your public buildings, such as community centers, government buildings, and more. We listen to our clients and update our technology based on their unique needs


Technological Modifications

Physical Modifications

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