Shipping your package to your office building has become a standard way to retrieve your online shopping. BlueBox secures all online shopping, food deliveries, and groceries included.

Why Smart Lockers?

Parcel security has become an urgent part of the last-mile delivery process, as retail E-commerce sales have increased 70.5% in 2020 alone. 57% of online packages are left unattended on the ground in building lobbies or outdoors, exposing these parcels to theft and damage.

Office Space

BlueBox Smart Parcel Solution provides safety for packages and flexibility for online shoppers to pick up their packages anytime

Commercial scenarios where BlueBox will benefit the office and retail store

BlueBox is the best parcel solution because of its ability to adapt to its environment. For office buildings, BlueBox provides both physical and technological modification options to improve all areas of commercial buildings. Our apps and APIs are all made by us, so we constantly update our lockers and apps to fit the needs of your office. We listen to our clients and update our technology based on their unique needs


Technological Modifications

Physical Modifications

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