optimizing last-mile delivery


The delivery stage in the last-mile delivery process is the most costly stage for logistic companies. BlueBox Smart Locker solution saves time and money for logistic companies by reducing the number of trips needed for deliveries, overall reducing operating costs, and improving delivery efficiency. Carriers love using BlueBox!

Carriers using BlueBox Smart Lockers

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bluebox smart locker solution for carriers

Our Objective


Cost Saving

BlueBox is benefits carriers by helping reduce operational costs, such as labor, fuel, fleet volume, and carbon tax while improving delivery efficiency by 60% by reducing time spent in elevators and searching for unit numbers.


Carrier Staff

BlueBox keeps carriers safe through contactless delivery and reducing travel distance and time for carriers. Safety is our number one priority for both people and parcels.


Smart City

BlueBox enables night-time delivery for carriers, reducing travel time, fuel consumption, and carbon emissions. BlueBox propels technological advancements made to optimize parcel delivery.

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Case Studies

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