Parcel Safety for Students

Smart Lockers on Campus

Living on campus makes it difficult to receive parcels on time, in one piece, or avoid parcel theft. BlueBox Smart Lockers on campus enables students to retrieve their packages at their own time comfortably and keep track of pending and collected parcels. BlueBox Smart Locker Solution is not exclusive to the residential side of campus but can also operate as a public parcel reception locker on campus. Learn how BlueBox can benefit educational facilities and school campuses below.

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BlueBox for Students

Our Objective


Parcel Safety on Campus

he safety of students is one of our primary concerns. BlueBox offers the safety students look for during unprecedented times and parcel safety to avoid parcel theft.


Student days and nights can get quite busy, which is why students love BlueBox. 24/7 access to delivered packages gives students peace of mind and flexibility to collect their parcels at their own time.

Keep Track

Our BlueBox resident app allows students to keep track of their pending and collected parcels. Students are already busy, and with our BlueBox resident app, they can worry about one less thing.
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