BlueBox is a YWCA Partner

Creating a Safer Environment, One BlueBox at A Time

At Bluemyth Technologies, we care deeply about the environment and our community. BlueBox was invented to enrich the lives of everyone around us, creating a safer environment for them to receive their parcels and live their lives. Our core mission is a safer environment for everyone, so we partnered with the YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association) by installing BlueBox in seven separate YWCA locations. BlueBox is a YWCA partner.

Young Women’s Christian Association

Named initially Young Women’s Christian Association, the founders were dedicated women concerned about the safety and well-being of young women new to the city.

Originating in Vancouver, the heritage of YWCA looks like this:

  • In 1904 the YWCA acquired property at Dunsmuir and Burrard, which served as its home base until the mid-90s
  • In 1944 the YWCA opened the Pender Y to serve the needs of the Chinese community
  • In 1979 the YWCA opened Canada’s first second-stage transition house for women and their children, leaving violence
  • In 1984 the YWCA opened its doors at the original location of Crabtree Corner in the Downtown Eastside
  • In 2011 the YWCA Vancouver changed its name to YWCA Metro Vancouver to reflect our commitment to serving communities throughout the region spanning Burnaby, Surrey, the Tri-cities, Maple Ridge, Langley/Aldergrove, Abbotsford, New Westminster, Richmond, and North Vancouver

What Part Does BlueBox Play in the YWCA Mission?

Our mission at Bluemyth Technologies is to create a safer environment for our communities, so we decided to partner with the YWCA and deploy BlueBox lockers to foster a safer environment for women and children. Securing parcels discourages criminal behaviour, such as theft, building a safer environment for YWCA residents. The YWCA plays an integral part in women’s rights in Canada, and we at Bluemyth Technologies strongly support their vision.

We are constantly searching for ways to give back to our community, so please get in touch with us with opportunities to improve our community and donate to the YWCA to show support!

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