BlueBox Solution vs. Traditional Locker Purchase Model

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How does BlueBox make it easy for buildings to get started?

BlueBox Render for Real Estate Companies

Many goods are purchased once and used for a period, with pros and cons depending on the type of good. Purchase models are slowly becoming phased out in the tech industry. Most tech now uses a subscription-based model—services such as music providers, television and movie providers, and even cellular providers.


Moving Away from Purchase Models for Smart Lockers

Smart lockers that follow a purchase model make it difficult for buildings to afford smart locker systems because:

  • A significant barrier for entry – smart lockers can cost too much upfront for building management

  • Little to no updates, maintenance, and support for smart lockers

  • Purchase of smart locker hardware can also result in subscription fees for software usage, resulting in two charges

As we advance technologically, more and more tech-based services are switching from a purchase model to a subscription model.

How BlueBox differs from other Smart Lockers

Smart lockers, when paid through a subscription, helps a building afford automated parcel reception, such as:

  • No upfront costs for building management to deal with

  • Easy budgeting for monthly payments

  • On-going customer support, maintenance, and updates

  • Free trial for BlueBox subscription service

  • Regular engagement from BlueBox to users

  • Overall solution – more than just a locker (BlueBox Resident App, BlueManager App, Customer Support, Free Installation, Free Delivery of Hardware, and unlimited warranty)

Following a subscription model, BlueBox gives the financial flexibility buildings need to start such an impactful service. BlueBox Smart Locker Solution also adds value to buildings by providing free installation, delivery, and an unlimited warranty policy covering repair and maintenance fees.


The Future of Parcel Delivery

Smart parcel lockers are the future of parcel delivery. It simplifies the delivery and pick-up process in many buildings but can be difficult for buildings to afford initially. By providing buildings with a subscription-based solution, BlueBox removes the largest barrier to optimizing parcel reception for building managers to opt for a more efficient workflow. BlueBox Smart Locker Solution includes free installation, free delivery Canada-wide to make it easier for buildings.


Got any questions? Request a demo today to see how BlueBox works!

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