BlueBox in Vancouver Buildings

BlueBox Render for Real Estate Companies

BlueBox in Vancouver Buildings

BlueBox has been making its way into a few Vancouver buildings in the past few months. Word of mouth plays a significant factor in the spread of BlueBox. Strata managers begin to see the value of BlueBox through proven results, prompting them to introduce an intelligent locker system to their buildings and their strata council.


  1. Binning Tower – Introducing our first installation in the UBC area, we have installed BlueBox in Binning Tower, next to the UBC campus. It was a pleasure to scale and install at Binning Tower due to the spacious nature of the lobby. The protection of parcels gained positive traction from residents, with packages no longer being exposed to theft. Binning Tower uses our BlueBox unit system where carriers can deposit through unit numbers. Therefore, residents can pick up their packages using the BlueBox resident app and their respective unit number.
  2. The Social – Located right in the heart of Vancouver, The Social is a traffic-heavy apartment that had a desperate need for parcel security. Mount Pleasant is a high-traffic area, meaning that more people come and go. BlueBox has created a safe environment in the lobby of The Social by protecting parcels that were left out on the ground previously. Hence, BlueBox detours suspicious activities and criminal presence.
  3. 55 E Cordova St. – This building is located in Downtown East Hastings, where parcel theft happens more frequently. BlueBox has provided this building with the parcel security residents are looking for. With a long lobby structure, BlueBox fits the lobby’s aesthetic, and the scaling process was straightforward for our installation team.
  4. 8800 Hazelbridge Road – Our installation team had a bit of trouble installing BlueBox in this lobby as it is pretty tiny, with a tight layout and lots of furniture. Our installation team reorganized the lobby to fit BlueBox while maintaining the overall aesthetic at the same time. The stand-offs at the feet of BlueBox lift the locker off the floor, giving space for the heat vent on the floor.

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Our Installation team does a great job finding the suitable space in your lobby for optimal BlueBox placement. Contact us today to see if BlueBox will fit in your lobby!

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