BlueBox Smart Locker Solution by Bluemyth Technologies

BlueBox Smart Parcel Locker Solution

Introducing BlueBox Smart Parcel Locker Solution, the overall solution to all parcel reception issues. BlueBox aims to optimize the parcel delivery workflow while upholding the safety and cybersecurity our users expect.

Online shopping has increased substantially since the pandemic. It is no surprise that retail e-commerce sales in Canada increased 70.5% in 2020 (Statistics Canada). However, it is also no surprise that the percentage of stolen parcels has increased due to the inefficiency of the current parcel delivery system. That is why Bluemyth Technologies created BlueBox, which aims to improve parcel safety and convenience with innovative technology and ongoing customer support. We care about our community and want to ensure a safe, contactless parcel delivery workflow while optimizing efficiency.

Pick Up Your Package Anytime


No more delays from “delivery attempt” or pick-up notice; I get to collect packages without wasting time or gas going to a post office.”

Michael, 19, Building Resident

You are excited about your package – you placed your order last week, and Canada post says your package will arrive today. You can’t wait to get home and receive your package. However, upon arriving home, you see a little tag on your doorknob instructing you to head to your nearest post office to pick up your parcel since you missed the delivery. Unfortunately, the post office is closed, and you won’t have time until the weekend to pick it up – you are left disappointed and inconvenienced.

With BlueBox, you have the flexibility to pick up the package whenever you like. The courier puts your package in with your phone number, and BlueBox will notify you immediately through SMS or the smart app. You can pick up your package anytime within seven days, so long as you have your code. Even if you lose your code, BlueBox has customer support on its website to assist you with any issues, making it highly convenient for users to collect parcels.

Innovative Technology

BlueBox embodies innovation with its state-of-the-art technology, designed and manufactured by Bluemyth Technologies. The smart app allows users and management to keep track of which parcels are in the box, courier, time, and information about the recipient. This information is only accessible by building management and the recipient. Courier selects a recipient, unlocks the locker compartment with the recipient’s phone number, and places the package into an appropriately sized locker. The recipient will then receive a notification via text or the BlueBox smart app notifying them about the package arrival. The recipient will then enter the exclusive code provided in the text to unlock the parcel’s compartment. Thus, BlueBox can simplify the parcel delivery process by utilizing innovative technology while maintaining the users’ cybersecurity standards. In addition, our BlueBox solution includes a management system for the building manager to assist with the organization of information and parcels.


We Take Customer Support Seriously

BlueBox has consistent customer support that answers any questions during working hours, as our BlueBox customer service team takes customer support seriously. We are constantly improving our product and software based on the feedback from our users. You can chat with us on our website by clicking the “Let’s Chat!” button. Please ask us questions and provide your feedback; your voice is valuable to us!

We Care About the Community

I feel safe under pandemic as this smart locker service reduces interaction with people, and 24/7 available!

– Kelly, 26, Building Manager

COVID-19 has put a wrench in all of our plans and changed how we live day-to-day. At Bluemyth, we care about our community. Therefore, we are offering our BlueBox Smart Parcel Locker for free in the first year. We want to help strata and building managers reduce stress by limiting human contact to combat COVID-19. To do so, BlueBox frees up both time and space for the building concierge. Let us know how else we can help!

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