BlueBox Smart Lockers Lite

BlueBox Smart Locker Lite

BlueBox Smart Locker Lite

In a world where parcel delivery has been steadily increasing every year, it is no surprise that parcels of all sizes are becoming apparent. BlueBox Smart Parcel Solution is a malleable solution that offers flexibility to all buildings, regardless of size and architecture. We at Bluemyth Technologies want to make BlueBox accessible to everyone, which is why we are introducing the BlueBox Smart Locker Lite.

Introducing BlueBox Lite

Through repeated lobby measurements, our installation team has encountered an obstacle that has prevented buildings from enjoying the benefits of BlueBox – lack of space. Due to this, we have created the BlueBox Lite, which fits in virtually any building lobby.

BlueBox Lite Specs


Master Unit Lite: 
  • 78in H x 20.3in W x 19.7in D
  • 1080p Touchscreen (1920 x 1080p, 16:9 aspect ratio)
  • Surge protection and electronics
  • One main unit is required with every installation
  • Six locker compartment master unit

BlueBox Smart Locker Lite Main Unit

10-Door Lite Add-on:
  • 78in H x 19.5in W x 19.7in D
  • Ten locker compartment add-on unit
  • Seven small locker compartments
  • Two medium locker compartments
  • One large locker compartment
  • Add as many as you need

BlueBox Smart Locker Lite 10-door add-on

4-Door Lite Add-on:
  • 78in H x 19.5in W x 19.7in D
  • Four locker compartment add-on unit
  • Four extra-large locker compartments
  • Add as many as you need

BlueBox 4 door add-on lite

3-Door Lite Add-on:
  • 78in H x 19.5in W x 19.7in D
  • Three locker compartment add-on unit
  • Two extra-large locker compartments
  • One oversized locker compartment

BlueBox lite 3-door add-on

You can find more about our BlueBox Smart Lockers Lite on our website here:

If space or compartment allocation is an issue, please get in touch with us with opportunities to help you fit BlueBox in your building!

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