BlueBox Smart Locker WorkFlow

BlueBox Smart Parcel Locker in Lobby

The new smart locker workflow can be confusing for those who have not seen it. Read to see how BlueBox operates a building, and what steps can be taken during the process.

BlueBox Render for Real Estate Companies

New technology often entails confusion on its usage, and as buildings get accustomed to the BlueBox locker, there tends to be many questions regarding the BlueBox locker. How do we use it? What happens if my number for the package is incorrect? Here is the BlueBox Smart Locker workflow for carriers and recipients.

Carrier Workflow

Shown below is the carrier workflow which showcases the different scenarios that could potentially happen during the parcel drop-off process.

BlueBox Smart Locker Carrier Workflow

There are different ways the carrier can deviate from the normal parcel drop-off process. The flowchart above shows the different paths that carriers could potentially take when dropping off a parcel. The solution will inevitably have some of these errors.

Customer Parcel Pick-Up

It may take some time for tenants of a building to get used to BlueBox, and errors are bound to happen. Below is the flowchart showcasing the customer workflow and the different paths a customer can take when using BlueBox.

Customer Flow Chart for BlueBox Smart Locker

Parcel pick-up with BlueBox is simple. But as with any new piece of technology, it can take time for users to familiarize themselves with the workflow process. BlueBox Smart Parcel Solution provides customer support during work hours to ensure that everyone gets their questions answered and receives their package. The smart locker workflow is very straight forward and can be easily adopted by many buildings.

Got any questions? Request a demo today to see how BlueBox works!

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