Effects of BlueBox Smart Locker on Campus


BlueBox Smart Locker on Campus

GEC (Global Education City) is Vancouver’s leading student residence and accommodation, and their apartments provide students with first-class furniture and living equipment to secure the best living experience. However, delivery management is a challenge for GEC. BlueBox Smart Locker on GEC Campus proves to solve the current parcel reception issues.

The Urgency of Smart Locker on Campus

To security safety, visitors, including delivery staff, cannot get into the buildings or access the building floors. Therefore, parcel delivery becomes complicated. Parcels or food packing being left on the floor unattended became the standard practice in the past, but traditional delivery methods work this way. Covid-19 has worsened the situation, so a new solution to mitigate the impact became very urgent.

As a response, the management at GEC chose a limited small area for food self-pickup, but still, it did not ease people’s minds on food safety.

Lobby of GEC Food delivery sign

BlueBox Smart Parcel Locker changed everything.


In June 2021, Bluemyth Technologies implemented the first set of BlueBox smart lockers into the GEC campus.

No more searching in parcels and being ID checked when retrieving their deliveries from the designated area—no more limited hours or visiting post office with pick-up stickers. Students can grab their deliveries whenever they want, as BlueBox operates 24/7. Hence, students never have to worry about lining up for parcels or contacting others under the pandemic fear.

Ultimately, students enjoy accessibility and peace of mind; delivery staff can deliver parcels around the clock; GEC’s student support, housekeeping, security teams are relieved from receiving and managing parcels and the pressure of parcel theft and damage.

The contactless self-service smart lockers solved most parcel delivery issues within a week. Bluebox makes the apartment building tidy, peaceful, and safe. GEC management decided to quickly equip and install BlueBox at all of their three properties shortly after seeing the results and impact of BlueBox.

BlueBox Smart Locker Solution BlueBox Smart Locker Solution

Not Just a Locker

To improve GEC’s service level further, Bluemyth Technologies has helped develop a whole new function to allow the international notification. GEC houses many international students, which is why global announcements assist GEC in providing the best experience to them. Bluebox notifies international students of their housing conditions before they leave their home country, enabling students the option to pick up their apartment keys and documentation from the Bluebox compartments once they arrive in Canada. The whole procedure involving no in-person interaction helps GEC reach its ultimate goal with digital technologies.

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