The Benefit of BlueBox on Your Campus

BlueBox can help secure packages delivered to your campus, mitigating theft and providing contactless delivery for students. Read more about the benefit of BlueBox smart locker on campus.

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Smart Locker Solutions on Campus

COVID-19 has changed the parcel delivery landscape, online shopping has grown significantly, and students have adopted virtual habits that can swamp facilities with parcels from carriers. School campuses suffering from parcel theft and missed deliveries have become a trending topic in today’s time. Smart lockers such as BlueBox can stop these issues in its tracks and give school campuses the safety and reliability it needs. BlueBox provides these benefits consistently, through and through. Carriers will no longer need to wait for someone to receive the packages, and students will no longer need to suffer missing packages and missed parcel slips.


How Does BlueBox Benefit School Campuses?

BlueBox Smart Locker Solution benefits campuses by:

  1. Protecting packages from potential thieves as campus lobbies are often open

  2. Automate parcel reception for students to avoid boxes on the floor

  3. Organization of packages in BlueBox with the BlueBox resident app

  4. Organization of packages in BlueBox for building managers with the BlueManager app

  5. 24/7 access to BlueBox allows students to pick up their packages with flexibility

  6. BlueBox saves time for building managers to tend to other aspects of campus

  7. Customer support for both residents and building managers to resolve any potential issues


The Future of Parcel Delivery

Smart parcel lockers are the future of parcel delivery. BlueBox Smart Locker Solution improves the security and function of school campuses and encourages a no-contact parcel reception framework for COVID-19. Students no longer need to spend time receiving their parcels, and campus managers can direct their attention to other campus issues. Smart locker on campus are the new norm.


If you are a campus manager and are interested in BlueBox solution, get in touch with us!

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