BlueBox Smart Lockers in Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the fastest developing cities in the world. Smart lockers in Vancouver are becoming the new norm as developments continue. How can BlueBox Smart Lockers help improve buildings in Vancouver?

BlueBox Smart Parcel Locker in Lobby

Metro Vancouver has been a sweet destination for immigration – beautiful, peaceful, and developing. In the Metro Vancouver Growth Projection study by, approximately 30,000-40,000 persons immigrate to Metro Vancouver yearly, encouraging infrastructure growth and increasing the number of buildings in Vancouver. More facilities mean an increase in packages and deliveries, so how can we ensure that the workflow for parcel delivery is most efficient?


BlueBox in the Foreseeable Future

Innovative technology and automation propel our society forward. With BlueBox, we foresee a future where parcels no longer require face-to-face contact and parcel collection is 24/7 accessible for everyone. We envision a future where concierge staff no longer need to manage physical packages, freeing up their time for other timely tasks.

Vancouver is snowballing in terms of expansion and growth, and BlueBox can contain the parcel spike. Our BlueBox locker is a complete solution that includes live customer service during work hours, BlueManager smart management system for building managers, and the BlueBox mobile app for residents. Our solution aims to optimize the parcel reception with no upfront costs.

How BlueBox can Improve Vancouver Buildings

BlueBox accepts packages from all carriers. Parcel drop-off is extremely easy; carriers only need a phone number to deposit the parcel into the locker. BlueBox will notify the recipient of the package arrival and sends a unique code for parcel collection. The concierge, in this case, does not need to be involved in this workflow. BlueBox frees up valuable time for the concierge to tend to more critical issues around the building. Hiring 24/7 security can get quite costly, but BlueBox negates the need for security guards for parcel deliveries.


Environmental Impacts of BlueBox

The government will push out more environmental initiatives to keep carbon emissions low as Vancouver’s population grows. BlueBox positively impacts the environment in many ways:

  • Enabling night-time deliveries, reducing light-freight truck traffic during working hours.

  • Fewer trips to the post office as BlueBox mitigates missed parcel slips.

  • Improves FADR (First Attempted Delivery Rate)

Read more about the positive environmental impacts of BlueBox here.

Find out more about how BlueBox can help optimize parcel reception in your building today. Whether you are from or outside of Vancouver, do contact us to find out about BlueBox!

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