BlueBox Smart Lockers in Metroplace

Parcel Issue in Metroplace

Placing BlueBox Smart Parcel Locker in Metroplace has solved many parcel reception issues. Metroplace is located in the center of the Metrotown area and right beside Metropolis at Metrotown and has 42 levels, housing 432 units.

Great locations always attract both wanted and unwanted attention. The property management team and Strata Council exhausted all solutions to prevent strangers from accessing the building. Access to residential floors is not given to delivery staff, and the mailroom access has been limited to certain hours. These limitations have caused countless complaints from carriers and residents, just like other high-rise buildings which implemented similar policies. Placing BlueBox Smart Parcel Locker in Metroplace has solved many parcel reception issues.

Under this circumstance, Metroplace management introduced BlueBox smart solution to the Strata Council, aiming to improve the parcel receiving experience and delivery security. Almost full occupancy in Metroplace and majority of residents shopping online, BlueBox immediately made a massive impact on Metroplace. As a result of implementing BlueBox Smart Locker, all carriers that deliver to Metroplace save time and improve overall delivery efficiency. All the 342 units no longer worry about missing any of their delivery or damaged packages because of the added security BlueBox adds. Residents of Metroplace can pick up parcels in their lobby at any convenient time 24/7 rather than needing to retrieve missed-delivery items at the post office. Our smart parcel solution saves time and money for both residents and building staff.

Metroplace lobby with BlueBox

BlueBox Frees Up Work Capacity

BlueBox frees up property and building management time, giving them more capacity to focus on issues outside of parcel management. The Metroplace management team can utilize the BlueBox management system by monitoring the usage and parcel turnover of the lockers. BlueBox management system also gives insight on the building 

delivery patterns, which would assist them in managing the property better.

BlueBox Smart Locker Solution has exceeded expectations for strata management and has simplified the parcel reception workflow at Metroplace.

Metroplace BlueBox

Find Us!

Contact us with any questions or a demonstrated demo on how BlueBox Smart Locker Solution works! Metroplace is an apartment building located in the heart of Metrotown, making BlueBox an essential asset for its building lobby.

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