BlueBox Secures Your Parcels

BlueBox Secures Your Parcels

At Bluemyth Technologies, we emphasize safety and security in many ways. We take pride in having the most secure parcel locker in Canada and continually improve all aspects of BlueBox. Security and efficiency have been a stubborn issue within residential and commercial buildings, which property managers constantly have to deal with. BlueBox Smart Parcel Solution can rid these headaches for property managers by automating parcel reception and protecting parcels within a building. Protection for packages ultimately promotes a crime-free community for everyone. BlueBox secures parcels in any building.

Crime in the Lower Mainland

BlueBox Smart Lockers’ urgency lies within the lower mainland’s crime rates. Statistics Canada provides these statistics that show the vulnerability of properties crime:

  • Vancouver: Property crime is 35% above the National Average, and total crime is 25% above the national average
  • Surrey: Property crime is 36% above the national average, and total crime is 26% above the national average
  • New Westminster: Property crime is 23% above the national average, and total crime is 13% above the national average
  • Burnaby: Property crime is 11% above the national average, and total crime is 3% above the national average
  • Richmond: Property crime is 42% above the national average, and total crime is 31% above the national average

Many cities and regions within the Lower Mainland possess high crime rates well above the national average, with the crime rates rising steadily every day. So how does BlueBox impact crime and keep parcels secure?

YWCA (Youth Women’s Canadian Association)

The YWCA is one of our trusted partners, hosting several BlueBoxes in their many locations within the lower mainland. YWCA struggled with parcel theft and missed deliveries throughout their journey in providing women and children shelter. BlueBox Smart Lockers could solve those issues and more for the YWCA, giving YWCA employees more time to focus on helping women and providing YWCA residents with the security they need.

A senior property manager of YWCA recently said, “We are grateful to have received the donated BlueBox lockers and their camera services. With this, we captured an unsuccessful break-in to the lockers. It has been a pleasure to work with the Bluemyth Technologies customer service team as they resolve any issues quickly and efficiently, providing the support we need.” We take pride in the security BlueBox offers to our users.

BlueBox secures parcels in all buildings.

GEC (Global Education City)

Bluemyth Technologies is a proud partner of GEC Living, which administers living spaces for international students, hosting several BlueBoxes in their many locations. BlueBox prevented a break-in for one of the campuses despite the perpetrator using a crowbar. BlueBox is made almost entirely from steel, so the compartments are practically impossible to open with hand tools. The pictures below demonstrate how the perpetrator attempted to break into BlueBox and accurately display how BlueBox was able to protect the parcels against it. The vending machine was broken into, but BlueBox protected its parcels successfully.

BlueBox secures your lockers

GEC BlueBox Lockers



MAKE High-Security Passive Electronic Locks

BlueBox is secure from top to bottom. Traditional smart lockers use the conventional key and lock system, requiring different keys for each locker. BlueBox uses MAKE electronic locks, which need only one key to unlock every compartment. Some benefits of MAKE electronic lock and key include:

  • Controlled Access: Keys are electronically programmed to open only specific locks
  • Accountability: Audit information in both the lock and key shows a record of every event
  • No wiring required: All power is provided by the key

With smart locks, BlueBox is the most secure smart locker solution with the added convenience of one smart key rather than multiple individual traditional keys.

MAKE Smart Locks


The Emerging Need for Smart Lockers

With crime rates and parcel delivery rising steadily, the need for BlueBox Smart Parcel Lockers becomes apparent. BlueBox provides security to parcels, deterring crime and overall improving the safety of communities. As shown in this case study, the security of packages was never jeopardized when placed in BlueBox lockers, and we can be safe to know that BlueBox will deter perpetrators from trying to break into BlueBox again.

Contact us for more information on how BlueBox can secure your parcels within your building!

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