Impact of BlueBox Smart Parcel Solution Data

BlueManager App

Utilizing BlueBox Management Data

BlueBox Smart Parcel Lockers have been making their mark in Canada, predominately within the lower mainland. When introduced, many question the viability of BlueBox and the effectiveness of its features. We accommodate this doubt by offering free trials for strata members to test BlueBox and ensure our solution suits their building. Our solution includes the BlueBox Management system, also known as BlueManager, which collects data to help suit BlueBox specifically to each unique building.

Carrier Deposit Statistics

parcel data graph

Figure 1.

BlueBox Smart Parcel Locker comes with an interactive management system called BlueManager, which you can access through a web browser or a device using our app. BlueManager collects valuable insight on parcel deliveries and usage to help buildings personalize BlueBox to suit their needs. Based on the image above (figure 1), we can see that 87.2% of deposits often happen between 9 am and 6 pm. These are heavy congestion times for carriers as they fit within the work hours of other delivery and freight truck drivers. BlueBox provides the option for night-time delivery as it operates 24/7. Hence, BlueBox can help spread out this graph horizontally through different times, preventing congestion. Enabling night-time delivery is only one of the ways BlueBox impacts the environment positively.

Resident Pick Up Statistics

Collection Parcel Stats

Figure 2.

As shown in the image above, 66.8% of collection happens between the times 9 am to 6 pm. Within this 66.8%, most of it happens between 3 pm to 6 pm. We can depict that most residents collect their parcels during after-work hours. BlueBox enables residents to pick up their packages anytime during the day, benefiting those who have a sporadic work schedule. BlueBox also benefits those who have similar work hours as carriers, avoiding the missed parcel slip.


The Future of Parcel Management

In today’s day and age, data possess the power to improve things specifically. With the BlueManager API system, data is constantly updated to keep up with parcel delivery demands and safety. If BlueBox Smart Locker Solution sounds like a solution for your building, find us today for a demo!


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