BlueBox in Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Technological advancements are made daily, with intelligent technology such as smartphones, smart home appliances, smartwatches, and much more. How does BlueBox fit into smart cities?

Smart Cities BlueBox

Smart City

The concept of Smart City integrates technology into everyday city infrastructure, environmental initiatives, urban planning, and public transit. Global Smart City initiatives aim to improve living standards and efficiency within a city sustainably, emphasizing ecological awareness.

The city of Vancouver leads their Smart City challenge with the following improvements to address local issues:

  • EV Plug-ins

  • Wired Bike Sharing

  • VanConnect App

  • Smooth Traffic

BlueBox offers similar benefits to these smart city technologies and can tackle local issues such as security and safety to global problems such as environmental damage. The city of Vancouver released its blueprint for a more intelligent city, leading with the statement: “Pervasive digital infrastructure, the convergence of IT and OT, and data as an asset.”


BlueBox Data Collection

With the usage and data collected by BlueBox, BlueBox can help improve our city in many ways:

  • Efficiently manage parcels to free up time for recipients.

  • Provide safe storage for parcels to decrease the chance of theft, overall creating a safer community

  • Uncover issues with certain carriers

  • Frequent package sizes to help optimize parcel packaging.

  • Enable night-time delivery, freeing traffic time during the day

  • No longer receive missed parcel slips.

  • Improved FADR (First Attempted Delivery Rate)

  • More packages delivered in fewer trips

  • Freeing capacity for concierge staff to manage other building issues

BlueBox Smart Locker Parcel Solution aligns with Smart City goals for the City of Vancouver and other cities as this is a technology that is well-sought after. Get in touch with our customer service team to learn more about how BlueBox can benefit your building!

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