BlueBox Improves Your Business

BlueBox Improves Your Business

BlueBox Improves Your Business

In many instances, businesses are looking to improve their operations and workflow. With the impact of COVID-19, businesses have suffered both financial losses and employee opportunities. BlueBox enhances the workflow of parcel reception in your building, adding security, safety, and convenience all in one. Ultimately, BlueBox improves your business in more ways than one.

BlueBox adds the security that workers, carriers, and recipients look for when thinking about parcel security and COVID-19. Parcels go through many hands and people, making parcels a potential carrier for COVID-19. Contactless pick-up negates the need to meet face-to-face and exchange touches between the carrier, recipient, and building worker. BlueBox is an invaluable asset to facilities and businesses because of its contactless delivery capabilities. These traits are precious and necessary in today’s situation.


Benefits of BlueBox in Your Business/Facility


  1. Freeing up staff time to tend to other priorities
  2. Improve safety for employees, residents, building users, and carriers by providing contactless delivery
  3. Improve the security of physical parcels as they will be put into BlueBox away from thieves
  4. Providing easier workflow for carriers, preventing the intervention of building staff
  5. Prevent interruptions with automated parcel delivery

Parcel Delivery Workflow


  1. Carrier enters the building the same way they usually do with parcels
  2. Carrier will enter the phone number on the parcel in the BlueBox
  3. The compartment will open for carriers to insert the package. BlueBox will send an SMS to the inputted phone number once the carrier closes the compartment. 
  4. The recipient will enter the code into BlueBox, opening the compartment. The process ends once the package is collected and the locker is closed securely.

Hence, BlueBox is an invaluable asset for your business, especially during these pandemic-filled times.

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