Benefits of Surveillance Cameras

bluebox security camera

Benefits of Surveillance Cameras on BlueBox


When choosing a smart parcel solution, the creators behind the smart locker must prioritize security and functionality above all else. Crime is always looking to be one step ahead, but with BlueBox, security is the highest priority. 

Our BlueBox surveillance cameras assist in the security of parcel reception and record footage of potential criminal activities. Read more to see the benefits of surveillance cameras.

1. Security Measure


The BlueBox surveillance camera can stream live footage and store footage within an SD card for review in the future. These features will deter crime initially, as criminals will be wary of the camera itself. In the case of damages, missed parcel deliveries, or any other criminal activity, the security camera footage will hold the culprits accountable for their actions. The BlueBox surveillance camera adds extra security to its secure, complete metal exterior, securing packages from criminal activity.

2. Overall Comfort


BlueBox provides residents the comfort of keeping their packages safe even when they cannot retrieve them. Residents can keep track of their packages with the BlueBox resident app and request footage reviews from the building manager. When residents request data, the strata and building manager decide how to share and store the footage. The BlueBox surveillance camera is placed in a vital spot where it can see all the surroundings of BlueBox, giving residents peace of mind in the case of any vandalism or theft. BlueBox provides comfort for building managers by giving them the flexibility to check footage for locker misuse or solve criminal activity.

3. Data Security


Bluemyth Technologies prioritizes physical security and data security, which is why we do not keep any footage from our BlueBox surveillance cameras. All live and recorded footage will be saved and managed by the strata management company, used and distributed however they like. BlueBox initially includes an SD card for film storage but can also stream live footage for building managers when requested. However, we do have the capacity to save footage if requested by the strata company.

The BlueBox smart parcel locker solution aims to improve the parcel reception experience within a facility. Security ties in heavily with the overall experience. Hence, strategically placing a surveillance camera puts BlueBox at the top of smart parcel locker choices. BlueBox is not only a smart locker but an overall solution to all your parcel reception needs.

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