Avoid Messy Parcel Rooms with BlueBox Smart Locker Solution

BlueBox Smart Parcel Locker in Lobby

Parcel rooms or concierge desk that are cluttered can be an unideal sight for many.

Find out how BlueBox can rid this problem.

The recent pandemic has pushed online shopping to record highs, which means that many parcels are being delivered every day. As a result, lobbies can fill up quickly and make the building seem cluttered and unorganized, which is the last thing a building manager wants.

Residents of multi-residential properties are constantly searching for contactless delivery options for online purchases from the leading couriers of Canada; Canada Post, FedEx, DHL, Canpar, UPS, and Purolator. These couriers would deliver the parcel to the condo building lobby and leave the packages with the concierge, clogging the walkways, concierge desk, and parcel rooms. In addition, sometimes the courier would leave a postal slip instructing the recipient to head to the nearest post office to retrieve their package. Therefore, BlueBox is a smart locker solution that can stop the damage and loss of parcels and free up concierge capacity. Never have a cluttered lobby again.

How BlueBox Smart Locker Solutions Can Benefit your Property

Automated parcel pick-up can improve a building in many ways, from contactless delivery to decluttering the lobby from delivery overage. Here are the many ways our lockers can benefit your property.

– Decluttering lobby clutter by providing lockers for parcels

– Securing packages inside industrial-grade steel lockers

– Contactless delivery between recipient and courier

– Life cycle customer service

Smart app for residents to keep track of parcels in the locker

– Parcel receiving management system for property managers to organize resident information, keep track of parcels, and data collection to understand respective buildings

– Easier parcel delivery for couriers

– Different size lockers for the unique needs of each building

– Little space needed to install

As a result, BlueBox smart parcel lockers provide many benefits to a building.

The Future of Parcel Reception in Canada

BlueBox continues to benefit multi-residential units and has received tons of positive feedback. BlueBox lockers are minimal compared to the amount of space saved from parcel clutter in both the apartment and condo buildings’ concierge desk and parcel rooms. Also, Set-up is effortless with the BlueBox parcel receiving management system; with the push towards contactless delivery option for many other companies, residents and couriers can easily understand the framework BlueBox provides.

Optimize your concierge workflow and declutter your lobby today with BlueBox! Call us or request a demo here to see how easily BlueBox improves your building.

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