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Promote Your Business With BlueBox

Are you looking to increase exposure to your business? BlueBox offers an advertisement service for your business content! Your advertisement will be displayed on the BlueBox Smart Locker Display. Whether you are promoting your business in real estate, food, or even rental homes, BlueBox Smart Locker will help you get the exposure you want

Why Choose BlueBox Advertisement?

Wide range of exposure

BlueBox Smart Locker, where your advertisement will be displayed, is primarily in residential buildings. Anytime anyone walks by or uses BlueBox, they will see your advertisement


Your advertisement will be displayed digitally on the BlueBox display. Anytime you want to make changes to your advertised content, you can replace them at no extra cost. In addition, you can choose the when, where, and who in terms of your target demographic!

Incredibly Competitive Pricing

Our advertising prices are incredibly low compared to similar services offered in a similar format. Please get in touch with us for further pricing options!

Local Customer Support

Are you running into issues or simply having questions about your advertisements on BlueBox? Contact our customer support team situated in Burnaby, BC. Our support team is committed to assisting promptly. We can have our team be at the locker location physically if any problem arises

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