5 Ways BlueBox Smart Parcel Solution Can Help Your Apartment/Condo Building

BlueBox Smart Parcel Solution

Here are 5 ways how BlueBox Smart Parcel Solution can help improve your facility or building.

Technology has become the norm, and the question is – do we avoid it, or do we embrace it? Technology is undoubtedly something that should not be avoided, as it finds ways to make our lives easier. For example, shopping became so digitalized that it only makes sense for apartment and condo buildings to digitize parcel reception. Enter BlueBox, our smart locker solution, and five ways BlueBox can improve your facility.

1. Concierge Capacity

BlueBox smart locker solution alleviates concierge workload, especially during busy times like the pandemic, by cutting them out of the parcel equation. Instead, parcels go into the BlueBox smart locker, and a text is sent to the recipient with instructions on how to retrieve their package. BlueBox Smart parcel management gives concierge staff the ability to tend to other vital issues in the building, meanwhile providing a smart app and online management system to help organize tenant information.

2. Location Flexibility

BlueBox smart parcel locker can fit in many spaces so long as there is a power outlet to supply power. The most common area for BlueBox is the lobby, as it is the most accessible place for couriers with the most room. Other spaces include business entrances (think the Walmart entrance), garage spaces, or even outdoors. In addition, BlueBox can fit in different building spaces with different smart locker sizes, making it easy to fit BlueBox in many buildings.

3. 24-hour Accessible

Tenants can pick up their packages whenever they want in the comfort of their building so long as they have their pick-up code. BlueBox smart parcel lockers are running 24 hours a day to give our users the peace of mind of picking up the package anytime. Skip the visit to your local post office with BlueBox.

4. Know Your Building

BlueBox comes with a smart management system for building managers to manage parcels and tenant information, assisting with the organization for the concierge. The BlueBox smart management system also gathers data on which couriers deliver the most, what size parcels come through the building, and how many delivered packages within a day. BlueBox smart management system helps a building know its delivery standards and aids the decision of what size parcel lockers are needed for each installation by collecting information on the building. This information also helps to see which couriers are making delivery errors.

5. Secure Parcel Delivery

BlueBox parcel lockers provide the safest experience for recipients to receive their packages. With the BlueBox security camera, building managers no longer need to worry about potential theft in their lobbies. Checking building footage when needed aids building managers in keeping trespassers from tampering with BlueBox. BlueBox also commends a complete lockdown when it sees no electricity, securing parcels until either electricity is back up or BlueBox staff come to open the box.

Please speak with us today to see how BlueBox smart parcel locker can fit in your building or facility today!

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