BlueBox Smart Locker Solution

The Best Canadian Parcel Solution

Affordable smart parcel solution suitable for all facilities and businesses.

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The Affordable Smart Parcel Solution

BlueBox is a smart parcel locker solution developed at our headquarters in Burnaby, B.C.,Canada. Our servers are hosted by Amazon Web Services and are located in Montreal, Canada, where we keep all our data. 

We created BlueBox to tackle increasing demands for safe and convenient package delivery.

Enjoy 24/7 access to your parcels, technological flexibility, security, and contactless delivery with BlueBox at no initial investment. BlueBox follows a subscription payment model to eliminate hurdles that strata, communities, and commercial buildings often face when considering smart lockers. 

BlueBox is the most versatile parcel solution in Canada.

Bringing Innovation to Technology

We are continually improving and inventing new technologies to enhance everyday living. Smart lockers are our focus, but technology is our strong point

Solution For Everyone

BlueBox is a smart parcel solution for several markets



Building manager, landlords, residential app customization


City, Campus, Community Center


Office, Retail, Small Business

Green Technology

Automated parcel solutions impact our environment positively in numerous ways. BlueBox is a step into a more innovative and greener future.

Proven Results

BlueBox has proven to improve the security and parcel reception workflow of a building.

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